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FAQs about COVID-19 and your mortgage:

  • What mortgage relief or payment options are available to me since I have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    • Our customers are in our thoughts during this challenging time and we are here to assist you along the way if you have any questions or concerns. Customers will be provided a three-month forbearance as needed. During the three-month forbearance, we will suspend your monthly payments, will not assess late fees, and will not report negatively to credit bureaus.

      Keep in mind that you still must pay for the three months of suspended payments. You can pay either during the forbearance timeline or at the end of the three-month term. If you are suffering from a hardship that is permanent, or that is anticipated to last longer than three months, and you require longer-term assistance, please contact us so that we can discuss those specific options with you.

      All relief options Oceanside Mortgage Company offers are directed by regulatory, investor, or insurer requirements. Should more options specific to COVID-19 be made available we will remain in close contact with you. We encourage you to make payments if you can do so. Oceanside Mortgage Company will not report negatively to your credit during the time you are in any approved plan, such as forbearance.

  • Can I make payments toward my mortgage during this time if I am able to?

    • Yes, you can, and we encourage you to do so. Keep in mind any payment other than a full contractual payment cannot be applied until full payment is received. If you make a partial payment, we will hold the funds in suspense until we receive full payment. You are not required to make payments if you have been approved for a forbearance plan.

  • Will I still receive letters about my delinquency status while in forbearance?

    • Yes, due to investor guidelines we must send certain letters including statements regarding delinquency for compliance reasons. However, you will not be required to make payments during the plan and Oceanside Mortgage Company will not assess late fees or report negatively to your credit.

  • What if I’m in the middle of a trial modification and I cannot make my payment due to hardship from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    • If you so choose, we will stop your current trial modification program to place you on a forbearance. Please note that once this is complete, you will have to submit and be re-evaluated with a new Mortgage Assistance Application Package for a new trial modification. If you would like to choose this option, please contact us.

  • Are there any relief options that will allow me to defer my mortgage payments?

    • All relief options Oceanside Mortgage Company offers are directed by regulatory, investor, or insurer requirements. At this time, this option is not available for all loans that Oceanside Mortgage Company services. Should this specific option be made available we will offer it to our customers.

If you have forbearance questions and would like to speak to a certified housing counselor, please call the Hope Hotline at 995Hope.org

CLICK HERE for 995Hope.org

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