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Announcing immediate financial relief measures for customers affected by the coronavirus.

  • Consumer Payment Deferral Program – In an effort to look out for our customers, Huntington is offering up to 90 days of payment deferral on all consumer loans for those experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19.  Although interest will continue to accrue during the payment deferral period, you will not have to make a single ‘catch-up’ payment at the conclusion of the deferral period. We’ll work with you, and either extend the term or otherwise modify your loan.
  • Late Fees on Consumer Loan Suspension Program – Beginning in March 2020, Huntington will suspend charging late fees on consumer loan payments. This suspension is effective through the end of April 2020 and we will continue to evaluate whether to extend this program.
  • Suspension of Foreclosure Program – Beginning March 17, 2020, Huntington will suspend initiating any new foreclosure actions, specific to residential properties unless required by federal or government agencies. This suspension of foreclosure actions will take place through the end of May 2020 and we will continue to evaluate whether to extend this program.

If you have forbearance questions and would like to speak to a certified housing counselor, please call the Hope Hotline at


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  1. Erick Montgomery on July 24, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    My wife and I took part of the forbearance program and our loan was supposed to mature April 5 2021! We have made the additional payments for June-July-August 2021 and now we are getting harassed for 12.00 for one balance and it says we still owe 1,308 why do we still owe so much when we’ve made the additional 3 payments that we missed last year?

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