Advisory Board Member - Eric Selk

Eric Selk was most recently the Executive Director for Hope Now and the Hope Now Foundation which is an independent 501c3 organization. Prior to joining Hope Now in 2007, Eric was a college professor in the Midwest.

Eric leads various efforts with Hope Now’s membership to improve outcomes for distressed borrowers, the efforts could include new policies and procedures or enhanced business partnerships.

Hope Now has worked collaboratively with the US Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, FDIC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Housing and Urban Development, Specialty Servicing companies, Mortgage insurance companies, FEMA, HUD Intermediaries and literally hundreds of local non-profits.

Eric believes in a servant leadership model and applies it to his professional and private life. A proud homeowner, amateur handyman, and gardener.

Eric Selk Forbearance Report - Advisory Board

Eric Selk

Advisory Board Member